The Filipid API notifies your users for you

Let your users decide how to receive notifications

A single API call for all channels

You App should not worry about Email, SMS or Telegram. Just let Filipid handle it.

Just provide:

  • The notification name to be sent
  • The payload or data associated with the notification
  • A list of user IDs

A single place for all your templates

Deal with a single type of templating system for all channels, and all languages

You can also set the default channel preferences for each notification.

Per user notification preferences

Each recipient can choose how to receive the notifications

For each notification, the user can choose to enable or disable any given channel.

And if they don't want to bother about how to receive the notification, the defaults for each notification will be used

Each user has also his own set of data, that allows to select int which language to receive the information, and the info required for the different channels (email address, phone number...)

Along that data, you any other fields can be added that will be merged with the notification payload before rendering the templates.

Just create and account and see it by yourself!

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